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Hi, I am Jasjit (also called as Jas by my close friends). I have been exploring different parts of India and south East Asia since 2009 at my own pace (or let’s say when I have the money  🙂 ). I had been into short trips since my childhood but it all started with my first

Isla De Gigantes

The Road less travelled Indeed it is !! Sunset from Arjan Resort  If you are in search for an offbeat location with lazy mornings, amidst nature, then Gigantes Island is a perfect solution for you. Tucked away in the north-eastern part of Visayas, in Visayas Sea, Isla de Gigantes is a chain of secluded islands. The Island is located at an approximate three hours

MassKara and the city of smiles

Its Booming Bacolod – MassKara 2015 I have known and have been told that people of Philippines know how to celebrate, but it wasn’t until I traveled to Bacolod in Negros Occidental that I truly understood the spirit of Filipino fiesta. It was my first time to experience such things but surely not going to

The Land of The Thunder Dragon: Bhutan

There are amazing places around the world and then there is Bhutan Bhutan, officially the kingdom of Bhutan, is a land locked country at the eastern end of Himalayas. Majorly a Buddhist nation, Bhutan boasts dramatic landscapes embellished with monasteries and Dzongs (Fortresses).The preserved beauty of this Himalayan Kingdom will blow any wanderlust mind. If